Temporary Immigration

People whom would like to live in Canada as temporary residents to study, work temporarily, visit their family and /or visit Canada can apply under one of the following categories:




If you want to come and study in Canada, we help you to prepare your study project and we help you to get your study permit. We apply for you for a visit visa to get a temporary resident.


You can work while you study.


You can bring your family to live with you and your spouse, or your common low partner, can obtain an open work permit.  


You can extend your study visa and restore your status.


You can get a post graduation work permit once you have graduated.


You may be eligible to the provincial health care depending on the province where you are studying.


To Study in Quebec, you must apply for a Quebec temporary selection certificate. 


Become an immigrant after studying in Canada a full-time program accepted by a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada or in Quebec.


In a few cases you do not require a study permit to go to school in Canada.




We offer services to the Canadian companies who want to hire foreigners from Outside Canada, to do all the process and get a job offer with an LMIA.


We offer services for the foreigners’ workers to get their work permit.


We are recognized for our success in the offers of employment procedures with LMIA.


We take care of all necessary procedures and act as an intermediary between governments, federal and provincial, until the client receives his/her work permit and arrive to Canada.


We have expertise in the employment industry, in the Quebec and Canadian labor markets.


We have more than 17 years of experience in the public services of immigration and new-arrivals.


We have a good participation records in different committees dealing with eligibility for employment purposes.


All the cases we did so far and experiences we had have made us become experts in the matter of employment and job-offer to immigrants.


We can asses you too to get or:


  • An open work permit without LMIA
  • A work permit during studying
  • Post-diplome work permit
  • A work permit for a caregiver
  • Another category of official work permit


We guide you and help you to become a permanent immigrant after working in Canada or in Quebec.  




We help you to get your visit visa as a temporary resident and to get your ETA, electronic travel Authorization, depending on your country of citizenship or residence


You can get or:


  • A multiply entry visa to Visit Canada.
  • A Super visa for parents or grandparents